let’s go somewhere


adverb: Describing one who walks about without destination.

Our Mission

The road is a-callin’!! One day we woke up and decided to take stock of our lives. Where were we? Where are we? Most importantly, where are we going? The answers weren’t immediately clear, but as soon as we seeded the idea of trading everything comfortable and easy we’d ever known for a life of adventure, the picture of our lives on the road quickly started to come into focus.

We are The Wanderly Ones. In 2017 we broke from the malaise of our routine lives in pursuit of something more meaningful. This is the chronicle of our adventure as we journey far and wide in search of ourselves, and in hopes of connecting to people in the most basic — most human — ways.

This running journal is our contribution to anyone who might want to follow us as we beg, borrow and steal our way across the globe. At the very least, we hope to inspire a few curious people to remove themselves from their comfort zones and try something crazy. You just might learn something about yourself.



I spent the better part of my professional life dimensioning toilet clearances and arguing with city officials as an architect. Now I write, photograph, and can be found rubbing coconut oil into my bald, bald head.


14 years in the restaurant and hospitality world has reinforced my love for people and deemed me a wine wizard. Now, I focus on yoga philosophy, nutrition, and begging my better half for daily foot massages.

Where The Hell Are We?

Follow us as we drop pins along our route and share stories and photos of our misadventures. There’s bound to be at least one instance of utter embarrassment as a couple of city folk try and make due in a bottomless well of discomfort. Join us!

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