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It’s only advice

A family friend of mine introduced me to a brave young lady setting out on her own adventure. It was a great time for us to reflect on all the advice given to us, the things we have learned, and come up with our own wanderly advice. We’re no experts but here is some tips […]

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A Flushing Toilet and Hot Running Water

Over the last few weeks we have been focusing on what the end of our trip looks like. Why? Because we are starting to get worn out on traveling. I could be way too much time in one place, or going to a bunch of places with not enough time. Maybe it’s a combination of both. […]

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Close Encounter With a Wild Beast

It was just one of those mornings. “Do not – I repeat – do not get too close, Iza,” says Peter with that all-knowing look of my devious side. “Of course,” I retort. “I’m not fucking around, you don’t want to mess with them.” Ignoring him completely, I bounded towards the rickety fence along the […]

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Ain’t No Mountain High, Ain’t No Valley Low

There is truly no song that can better represent the literal and physical highs and lows we went through on our brief trip to Death Valley than Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. Back at Tamarack Campground in Yosemite, the draft from the back swing doors were tactfully covered by […]

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Read The Fucking Manual

There is a saying in Peter’s family to “R.T.F.M.” Pardon my French, but this project did not come with a manual. We are not contractors, electricians, or architects (oops wait, Peter is). We’re just two kids with a lot of time on our hands – full of inspiration and endless opportunity. From our extensive Google, […]

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Decisions in Paradise

“So what do you think of our trip so far, baby?” sweet Peter asks with a warm, boozy smile. I don’t know whether it was the wine, the comfort of a real bed, or the calming effect of the waves crashing on the shore, but out I blurted, “I gotta tell you. I’m kind of […]

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Lasagna, A Bat, And A Broomstick

According to history, bats have variably been referred to as flutterers, bald mice, old batters, fleder mauser, slang bats, vagabonds, and my personal favorite, flitter mice.  To two grown adults hiding under a table and four others trying mercilessly to get one out of a rented mountain cabin – blood sucking tiny Dracula fixated on raising hell and spreading […]

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Pit Stop Americana

The day started peacefully with hot coffee breath fogging against cool misty ocean air. With steamed eggs and overnight oats in our bellies, we took off around 8am to buzz back up the coast towards the ti-cities. We spent a night with Peter’s parents, Lisa & Jim, at a Comfort Inn in Kennewick to break up the […]

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