This Just In: We’re Buying A Van!


After many long and painful hours setting up camp, fending off swarms of bugs, sleeping in discomfort and the uneasy feeling that whatever is rustling in the bushes next to our tent might, in fact, be a pack of sabertooth tigers, we’ve decided car camping is best left for weekend warriors and savages.

But it’s not for us. So, we’re buying a van.

That’s right! As I write we are lingering in the Bay Area of California sifting through CraigsList ads, used car classifieds, and our own disgruntled frustration as we search for the perfect cargo van to begin its transformation into our home on wheels. We’ve determined that in order to enjoy this time we’ve carved away for ourselves to its fullest, we need to be able to…you know…actually enjoy it.

If we’re honest: living our lives out of a small, four-door hatchback was a lot harder than we initially thought. The long days of driving are compounded with hours of set-up and take-down of camp – and even a bit of unexpected bickering – leaving us little time to do the things we thought we’d have time to do.

Our hope is that having a more comfortable, secure, quiet, and maintenance free place to sleep every night will free up our mental and physical energy to get the most out of our time on the road. We’ve said from the beginning this trip would be about being flexible and rolling with the hurdles, and this change is an example of doing just that.

We’re certainly going to miss our little Jane Honda. And who knows!? We might actually hate owning, driving, and building out a van even more than we hate listening to our camp neighbors shotgunning beers and playing grab-ass, but we won’t know until we try. Our plan is to document our in(van)stment to the fullest, and see if I can finally put this architecture degree to some good use.

We’re looking at some vans tomorrow, and hope to have one by the end of the week so we can finally get out of the hair of our gracious Walnut Creek hosts, Wes and Liz (though, they are probably more excited about this van project than we are).

It’s about time we throw in our sombreros and fully embraced the cliche of the traveling American camper van owner. It was bound to happen eventually.

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