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The Incredible, Collapsible, Endlessly Transportable Wander Küche

As a couple, cooking together is one of the things we do best. Even in our tiny shoe box of a kitchen (thanks, Seattle) we manage to operate like Sigfreid and Roy before one of them was mauled by a show tiger. Treating ourselves to the familiarity of a home-cooked meal is a comfort neither of […]

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We Love You, Jane Honda

Our special little home away from home. See why we have such an unnatural love affair for our mobile domicile.

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The Big Ass Gear Post

A way too big list of every piece of gear we’ve managed to stuff in our tiny, beloved Honda Fit.

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Dear Seattle

Dear Seattle, It’s over. This isn’t easy for either us to say as you’ve been so good to us over the years. Your thriving spirit and unparalleled natural beauty has provided us with some of the best times in our lives. It was because of you we were able to come together (via Tinder’s location-based […]

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