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It’s only advice

A family friend of mine introduced me to a brave young lady setting out on her own adventure. It was a great time for us to reflect on all the advice given to us, the things we have learned, and come up with our own wanderly advice. We’re no experts but here is some tips […]

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Read The Fucking Manual

There is a saying in Peter’s family to “R.T.F.M.” Pardon my French, but this project did not come with a manual. We are not contractors, electricians, or architects (oops wait, Peter is). We’re just two kids with a lot of time on our hands – full of inspiration and endless opportunity. From our extensive Google, […]

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We Have No Idea What We’re Doing

This week we bought a van – a 2006 Ford Econoline with 56K miles, a tough looking roof rack, and enough space in the caboose to comfortable fit a couple of road-weary travelers and all their traveling shit. Yes, we’ve never done this before. Yes, we understand how big of a commitment this is. 100%, […]

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Decisions in Paradise

“So what do you think of our trip so far, baby?” sweet Peter asks with a warm, boozy smile. I don’t know whether it was the wine, the comfort of a real bed, or the calming effect of the waves crashing on the shore, but out I blurted, “I gotta tell you. I’m kind of […]

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This Just In: We’re Buying A Van!

After many long and painful hours setting up camp, fending off swarms of bugs, sleeping in discomfort and the uneasy feeling that whatever is rustling in the bushes next to our tent might, in fact, be a pack of sabertooth tigers, we’ve decided car camping is best left for weekend warriors and savages. But it’s […]

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