Close Encounter With a Wild Beast

by Iza Feyeux

It was just one of those mornings.

“Do not – I repeat – do not get too close, Iza,” says Peter with that all-knowing look of my devious side.

“Of course,” I retort.

“I’m not fucking around, you don’t want to mess with them.”

Ignoring him completely, I bounded towards the rickety fence along the highway just outside of Zion National Park. Peter was busy in the van scooping muesli into our kefir cups and making coffee.

There was only about 10ft of tall grass to the fence and another 20ft to a passing herd of   American bison, also known as buffalo. Massive, beastly, grunting and huffing – their large, rounded, fur-covered humps, bold against the backdrop of new morning sun peaking over the plains. It had to be captured.

I had to get closer.

I was wearing flip flops – filthy flip flops, at that. I flipped and flopped my way through the tall grass, camera dangling from a strap around my neck, inching closer and closer to the fence.

“Je-sus CHRIST. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

I was just getting to the perfect place to snap a picture, and thank god I looked down one more time. Blank lifeless eyes of a buck. It was out of sight from the road, but looked like it had been killed that morning.

It was “looking” right up at me. I could have stepped right on it. Stumbling and fumbling backwards, I ditched that last perfect picture and started running back towards the van. Peter popped his perfect bald head out of the side door of the van, calling me in like a child at supper time.

When I finally caught my breath, I told him what happened. All he could do was throw his head back and laugh. I laughed at myself – maybe I should listen more often.

We sat on on the step of the sliding door looking out at the buffalo, who were probably laughing, too. Sitting close and enjoying the cool air and our warm coffee, we dove into our breakfast. Immediately, our nostrils turned up as we choked down the first bite. Wide-eyed and mouths puckered we just looked at each other.

The kefir had gone bad.

photo: hans veth


  1. Comment by Lisa

    Lisa Reply 10.23.2017 at 7:59 pm

    Ha ha ha! But seriously, do be careful out there in the wilds, children.

  2. Comment by Alain Feyeux

    Alain Feyeux Reply 10.25.2017 at 2:14 am

    All this is quite amazing , guys !!
    Just play it safe , would you !!?
    Your beings are filling up with experience you will share for decennies. I am glad you you took off to see and feel other new feelings about each other , new incredible places .It’s still the Big States , and there is so much more to discover for you both.All that will pay off .
    It’s so great you chose to do that , as the world is is also changing rapidly and everything is going faster and faster. We still have to find that home within ourselves where delves the peace..peace we can communicate to others and our families. Nature is definitely needed to achieve the peace process within.
    You are adding value to your life now , big time !!
    You will be forever changed ..and stronger , more focused on doing what’s right for your happiness.Something many won’t know , when not thinking out of the box like you both do. I am not only happy for you , but proud. I can hardly wait for you to get to my door , glowing in that experience that cumulates everyday.
    Hell yeah , kids. Keep at it..and keep at it. He blessed by far more to come.
    The PaPadoo.

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