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Earlier this week we stayed in St. George, Utah with our friends Andy, Jolene, and their adorable baby, Natalie – the Pace family. Not only were they beyond hospitable, their life in motion reminded us of how easy it is to cultivate a life that is enjoyable as much as it is fruitful.

Andy and I met in college at the University of Arizona, and is the case with all of my post-adolescent, pre-adult, mid-twenty something pals, we don’t need to keep in touch regularly to feel just as close now as we did when we lived together in a beer soaked shack in Tucson. Everything was as it always has been, and spending time with his family was some of the best time we’ve enjoyed on our trip so far.

Like that time they didn’t let us pay for anything, fed us three times a day, and even insisted we leave their city with a worn acoustic guitar and a plethora of Zion Canyon Brew Pub merchandise.

Like that time we drank their wine, their beer, and their Aperol spritzers while sharing stories from college and everything since.

Like that time we played Radiohead songs in their living room as young Natalie pin-balled her way from chair to couch to coffee table in search of any and all small objects to either throw to the ground or stuff in her mouth.

Like that time we played Pandemic and thought we’d won until the board game cheated and sent us all to bed with deflated egos and a belly full of defeat.

Like that time we played Settlers of Catan and realized we are all just a bunch of board game nerds masquerading as actual adults.

Like that time we did about four loads of less than pleasant smelling laundry without so much as a “could you keep that toxic mesh bag away from our baby, please?”

Like that time we got stoned and ate an entire bag of bean chips (yes, bean chips), and no looks of judgement or disappointment were given.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

We’ve had the fortune of shacking up with some of the best people, friends, and family in our short time on the road – and each time we are reminded in amazement at the kindness and generosity of the people we’ve surrounded ourselves with. We can’t truly say how thankful we are to have such people in our lives, and hope some day we can return the favor.

So, if anyone ever wants to sleep on the floor of our van, you just let us know.

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  1. Comment by Jolene Pace

    Jolene Pace Reply 10.19.2017 at 11:34 pm

    Aw you guys are the best. Except Sneaky Pete, who Is no longer invited to our house after that “sheep incident”. So glad you guys enjoyed your stay, it was wonderful having you. Best of luck on your journey. See you soon!

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