Standing on the Corner of Bonanza and California


I’m standing on the corner of Bonanza and California a half block away from Walnut Creek’s quaint, suburban downtown. It’s hot, and the longest red light in the entire Bay Area keeps me locked in my boots trying to find protection in the thin shadow of the light pole.

I’ve been here before.

In fact, I’ve been here – waiting at this exact street corner – many times in the past four weeks. This place isn’t my home, but thanks to a camper van buildout, a host of failed Amazon orders, and a couple of generous friends and their extended family, it has certainly felt like home.

We are now on the precipice of the next great leg of our road trip adventure as the departure from our temporary home represents a relaunch of our wanderly journey around the world. It is a trip that stalled before it ever started, and standing at this street corner on this day and the days before it has given me a calm moment to reflect on the time we’ve spent in the bay area, and what might come in the uncertain months ahead.

Those generous friends, Wes and Liz, have given us a home base that allowed us to better our journey by way of our very own camper van. Not only did they give us a place to work on the van, but provided us a free place to stay at her mom’s studio in nearby Danville. We never would have been able to do any of this without them, and are forever grateful for their generosity, and for Liz’s ability to strong arm the delivery companies to make sure we had everything we needed to move on in a timely manner.

We write a lot about how incredible and selfless our friends are, but it doesn’t do them enough justice to say how welcome they’ve made us feel.

And without those friends (and their adorable dog, George) this place would have never been home. It would have been an unplanned thorn in our side – a road block preventing us from enjoying the real fruits of an entire year of planning and saving. But it didn’t feel like that. It was a welcomed side-bar on our journey, and one that is as bittersweet to end as it was surprising to start.

So as we look to the next few months that are sure to be filled with brand new places and unforgettable memories, we say goodbye to our home in Walnut Creek, and for one last time pass through the intersection of Bonanza and California, only this time we do so in a white van with solar panels, a bed, and tucked away places for all our traveling shit.

We miss you already, and know now we will always have a home (or homes) in the cities by The Bay.

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