The Wanderly Way

Core Values

We believe in four core values: Health, Community, Work and Mindfulness. Within that basic framework lives a belief system we carry though the pages of this journal and practice in our daily lives on the road. Whenever we feel lost, we go back to these core values to re-calibrate our forward direction. We’d like to dive a bit further into what each means to us, and end with a glossary of terms that help us to better define our approach to life.


Health is the most important of the four core values. You get one body and one mind, and taking care of both gives you the best chance of getting the most out of your life experiences. Garbage in, garbage out. We believe in celebrating the inputs that give us energy, clarity, and strength. These inputs include nutrition, exercise, meditation, and discomfort


We love to cook and we love to eat. A life on the road changes nothing, and we dedicate much of our thought and energy into keeping good food and making it taste great. See our running list of recipes here.


Neither of us are natural athletes, and maintaining a routine exercise practice has been a challenge throughout both our lives. However, as we wander we make conscious efforts to stretch, practice yoga, and hike our way to a more fit body.


Even if it’s taking 4-5 minutes every day to pause, stop thinking, and just being present, we make it a priority. Slowing down promotes mental health and allows you to appreciate the world for how it exists in the moment.


Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations is the most effective way to promote personal growth. It’s the reasons we decided to uproot our lives and start taking risks. Facing the fear of the unknown leads to a greater sense of self-worth and self-awareness.


Community is everything to us. We don’t do what we do without standing on the shoulders of the group of people we’ve grown closest to. We hope our relationships with like-minded people grows as we reach more people with this blog. Our community is shaped through relationship, connection, transparency, and truth.


It starts with the relationship you have with yourself. Then it grows to include a network of friends and family that support you and challenge you to pursue the craziest dream you are used to people telling you isn’t possible.


This is how we grow a robust community – by connecting and relating to people on a personal level. We steer towards having meaningful (sometimes difficult) conversations with the people we love.


Baring your soul is never easy, but it’s necessary to maintain the connection to your community. This starts on a micro level, but expands into the content and messaging you put out into the world.


If all else fails, the truth will set you free. Be honest with yourself first, then your friends and family, then the world. Your community will be stronger, and more trusting of your message because of it.


Work never stops. It’s a four letter word we’ve chosen to embrace, which seems at odds with the fact that we both quit our day jobs in favor of a full time vacation. And while, yes, this life we’ve chosen fulfills us in ways our old lives never could, we’ve also never had to work harder in order to be free. We define work by passion, contribution, experience, and growth.


We are driven by the things we care most about. Don’t settle working on anything that doesn’t set your soul on fire. If it’s not a “fuck yes,” then it should probably be a “no.” Cultivate the things that matter to you most, and the work will always follow.


Everybody contributes to the universe in their own distinctly personal ways. There is no isolated existence. No matter the position you find yourself in, be sure to give some of yourself back to the rest of us in some meaningful way.


Building something you can call your own is the most natural form of motivation. It requires the most amount of work to call something your own, but you’re rewarded with the satisfaction that comes from simply doing what you love.


Take the time to work on yourself. It’s easy to forget about numero uno when career, family, travel, and everything else impose huge energy demands. Don’t forget. Take opportunities to grow personally and it will seep into all aspects of your life.


Mindfulness is about an appreciation for the things you already have. Staying present and focusing on simply noticing how things are removes anxieties related to the past or the future. If you observe the world without judgement, and without trying to change everything, it allows you to turn your attention to the things that matter most. To us, mindfulness is about noticing, breath, self-awareness, and spirituality.


The first thing you’ll learn when starting a meditation practice is how to notice. We spend so much time trying to warp our perspective around the world we forget to see its inherent beauty. Stop. Breath. Notice. It’s as easy as that.


I once heard excitement is nothing more than fear you’ve decided to breath into. Taking a moment to control your breath and clear your mind will allow you to confront the fear that is stifling your growth.


Know yourself. This is not to be confused with being self-conscious. Judging yourself for your shortcomings will keep you small. Understanding and embracing them will set you free.


It is important to believe in something bigger than yourself. There are many forms of spirituality, so find something that speaks to you and spend time exploring it. Gaining a perspective on the totality of the universe will help you find a place within it.

Glossary of Terms

Hygge – A Danish word describing a certain kind of inherent level of deep contentment. To us, achieving Hygge in our travels ensures we take a little bit of home with us wherever we go. It helps us stay grounded and keeps us from becoming too homesick.

Sophrosyne – A Greek concept describing an excellence of character and soundness of mind. It is believed to lead to virtuous individual characteristics such as temperance, moderation, and self-control. We initiate this concept to reinforce our minimalist attitude towards Health and Mindfulness.

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