This Is Why We Wander

By Iza and Peter

I wish there was a more profound story to why we decided to take this trip, but really it’s quite simple: we want to be happy.

One day we talked about leaving our jobs and going on an adventure. It might have been over coffee at Elliott Bay book store here in Seattle, on the way somewhere nondescript in the car, or on nestled couch with a bowl of popcorn and the TV in the background. I told Peter it sounded amazing, but we could never do something like that. Of course he asked why not, and I had a bunch of excuses but no real answer as to why we couldn’t. So instead I said yes. The first of many.

We are uncertain and a little scared, but mostly open and excited to try things differently than we ever have before. We know it will be cleansing, and not always peachy. We will test our patience, our courage, and tempt to conquer our fears. We will laugh, cry, breathe, and bend, sit in silence, and get lost in conversation. We will explore and relax, push and pull, give and take. Most importantly, we will have time to just be in the moment, and to figure things out with no pressure bearing down on us. We are unsure if this is a lifestyle that will stick, a life pause, or maybe just a reset button, but we know it’s time for us to recreate our relationship with ourselves and each other and see where the road takes us, one day at a time. So here we are Sweet Pete. Come wander with me?

About 4 years ago I Googled “how to make money online.” Amidst the shocking number of porn sites I was directed towards, I stumbled upon a blog post titled “How to Start a Successful Blog” by a duo who called themselves The Minimalists. In addition to starting my first blog and discovering a passion for writing, this article planted a seed that would slowly grow over the next few years as I realigned my values for what was truly meaningful in my life (ironically they have little to do with making money online or anywhere else).

Several years later I met Iza, and together we forced each other to challenge what we knew to be our relatively comfortable but ultimately unfulfilled lives. We loved each other, but were growing discontented with the things we dedicated most of our time doing just to keep our pockets full. We started to ask ourselves a simple question:

What if?

What if we quit our jobs and travel the world? What if we get rid of our stuff in order to simplify our lives and focus on what really matters? What if we cannonballed into the deep end of discomfort and uncertainty in hopes of cultivating passion, uncovering our mission, and contributing to the world in some significant way?

We aren’t exactly sure what the answers are. It’s possible they don’t exist at all. However, the very act of asking these questions has propelled us on a journey to find out what happens when you jump out of a plane without a parachute.

I’m right here with you, baby – ready to fall, scramble, and wander hand in hand to a whole new life for ourselves. Let’s get to work.

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